Hari ini saya kedatangan klien dari Italy, dia ingin homebirth, waterbirth dan gentlebirth.

selama kehamilan dia selalu report ke saya tentang perkembangan janinnya juga riwayat kesehatannya.

akhir bulan ini adalah due date-nya dan dia menyempatkan diri untuk bertemu muka dengan saya untuk mencari “camistry” karena ini sangatlah penting.

dan saya sangat suka dengan klien ini karena dia sangat kritis dan saya suka dengan klien yang seperti ini.

dia menuliskan Birth Plan-nya dan ini bisa Anda contoh untuk birth plan Anda.

(*** contoh ini masih dalam bahasa inggris..jika ada kesempatan saya akan menuliskan versi bahasa indonesia untuk Anda)


(notes with questions and “flow of thoughts”, to be omitted in the final plan, are marked in red italic)

Name: S N

Passport Number: DA0008145, issued in Italy

Address: Jalan Cimahi, no. 15 Menteng 10310 Jakarta Pusat – Indonesia

Doctor: I S, SpOG

Husband”s Name: S P

1st child”s name (daughter): XS PN


EDD: 26th November 2011



Birth Plan


I wish my birth to be the healthiest possible experience for me and my baby, physically and emotionally speaking. Which means

Natural (possibly water) birth without medical interference unless necessary for survival and/or to avoid permanent damage to me and my baby.

Note: At any stage of my labor, should the above necessity arise, please discuss any proposed intervention with my husband (or doula) and I before proceeding.

Any pathology/situation leading to the intervention should result clearly in my/my baby medical record.

If any point below conflicts with the hospital protocols and any legal or any other type of difficulty may rise after my plan, please discuss it with me as soon as possible during pregnancy. (I am not sure whether it is clear, but with this last statement I want to say that doctor should be clear in case he”s not convinced with some of my points, for example: “You don”t want episiotomy in any case, but I assure you that according to my clinic experience it may be needed in these cases:….” Just to avoid: “Of course, as for me you can deliver hanging from the chandelier” and then, during labor the doctor does what he wants)

(note: since it”s very easy to a doctor to mention fetal distress, or weak heartbeat, or any other scaring circumstance, for this purpose I wish to reach the best possible knowledge for a non-professional on the situations leading to cesareans, assisted birth, induction or any other medical intervention. For example, I understood that umbilical cord prolapse it”s a serious and real cause for cesarean, as is abruptio placentae. I still have to learn a lot to understand when the danger it”s real and can be avoided with intervention –be it c-section, ventuose, induction…).

Labor – 1st stage of labor:


1. I would like to wait my labor to start spontaneously until EDD + (at least) 10.

2. I prefer my waterbag to break via SROM, unless Induction becomes necessary. Therefore, I prefer to limit vaginal inspections to check cervix dilation in order to avoid accidental rupture of waterbag.

3. In case induction becomes necessary, first of all I need a clear explanation on the grounds and pros and cons of further waiting in order to give my consent. I prefer compassionate use of induction, as follows:

A. From week 40 to 41 I would like to use non-pharmaceutical methods to kick-start labor, as gymnastics (long walks, stairs…), sexual intercourse, nipple stimulation, acupressure, showers, castor oil (maybe!) or enema (others?).

B. At week 41 + 3 and at week 41 + 5 BUT ONLY IF ultrasound scans shows that the amount of amniotic fluid is lower than normal (less than 5 cm depth – makes sense?) I would prefer have my membranes swept to stimulate labor to start;

C. Should labor not start by 42 weeks + 2, I would prefer to use 2 or 3 dosages of Prostaglandin tablet (Prostin, not Cytotec) over 18 hours (is it correct as LOW dosage?) to soften and ripen the cervix;

D. After which, if labor has not started or is very slow to progress, I would prefer AROM and wait up to 24 hours before;

E. After which, I agree to use Synthetic Oxytocin, increasing the dosage (8 ml. I have to check the details) slowly, every 30 minutes, to liken the labor to a natural labor.

4. From the time my waterbag breaks be it via SROM or AROM, I would like to wait 24 hours before labor needs to be augmented and antibiotics administered.